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A Toast To Death: French Hospital Opens Wine Bar To Terminally Ill Patients

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France is a wine-loving country. They love wine so much that they are opening a wine bar inside a hospital in September.

Studies show that when taken in moderation, red wine has good effects for the health. Recently, the palliative care center at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital in France announced that they will be opening a wine bar for their patients who are terminally ill.

Mirror U.K. reports that the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital is the first in the country to do such a thing. Doctors at the hospital believe that terminally ill patients can enhance their quality of life by having a few drinks with their friends and family.

Virginie Guastella, who runs the palliative care center, said that having a wine bar would enhance the patients’ lives.

“The aim is to ‘re-humanize’ patients by improving the quality of their day-to-day existence and also by giving them the pleasure of being able to offer and receive.”

The plans for opening a wine bar came while there is an ongoing debate about the efforts done to lengthen the lives of patients who are terminally ill. The cost of prolonging a terminally ill patient is quite expensive, but giving them a quality life and the dignity that they deserve during their final moments is another issue.

According to Global Post, Guastella said that the presence of a wine bar in the hospital will help brighten up the final days of their patients who are spending the last moments of their lives with their loved ones and friends.

Guastella also said that terminally ill patients have the right to enjoy themselves, especially during their last moments.

“Why should we refuse the charms of the soil to those at the end of their lives? Nothing justifies such a prohibition.”

Though terminally ill patients have full access to the wine bar, their drinking will be medically supervised.

Researchers and scientists have long been saying that red wine has health benefits. Though the hospital’s aim is for patients’ to have a good time, red wine also has Resveratrol, which is said to lower cholesterol levels, prevent heart attacks, and possibly even helps fight cancer.

In a study conducted by the University of Leicester, they found out that Resveratrol equal to two glasses of wine can cut down the rate of bowel tumors of mice in half. They will be starting clinical trials to see how Resveratrol affects human beings.


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