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Hi, I'm Veronique Raskin and I am the founder & CEO of The Organic Wine Company. My blog is mostly about organic wine & self-development, as well as anything else that interests and inspires me!

Is it Time to Start Taking Care of Yourself?



Are you feeling disconnected? 

Do you need more face to face connection and fewer gadget to gadget?

Tired of trying to be “All Things to All People”?

Is it time to finally take care of yourself?

You are not alone. 

We are launching a movement just for you.

Once a month, women are setting aside a space for their best friends to share their joys and sorrows over a glass of wine. Just being together in a safe environment for a of couple hours with no agenda.

This is My Girlfriends’ Wine Club


Come discover new wines and grow, contribute, and connect heart to heart with people who remind you that you matter.

What better beverage to sustain this gathering than wines that are made with grapes that are not poisoned. Grapes that are respected and not made to conform. Grapes that express the true essence of their Terroir. Is this not a great model for the kind of women we want to be? Women who are authentic and original, strong and unadulterated. Organic wines represent the essence of Mother Earth transmitted into a gorgeous liquid that opens people’s hearts.

Ghandi said, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”

My challenge to you is to be the One who creates the safe space. Be the One who brings your girlfriends together each month face to face. We are all hungering for this kind of heartwarming connection.

When you start  My Girlfriends Wine Club, you are saying, “I matter. We matter.”

The result? Relaxation, nourishment, an experience of feeling cared for, significant, replenished, connected and appreciated.

Even normal.

Call Veronique at 415-256-8888

to become a host today.


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