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Hi, I'm Veronique Raskin and I am the founder & CEO of The Organic Wine Company. My blog is mostly about organic wine & self-development, as well as anything else that interests and inspires me!

It Just Hit Me

DSC_0336Dear Friends,

One of the many joys of my life is connecting with our fellow tribe members. I love to hear stories of why, how, and with whom our wine is being enjoyed around the country.  I cannot help myself: I have to share the following conversation that took me completely by surprise. I could not have said it better myself if I tried and here it came out of this delightful young woman’s mouth, completely unprompted.

Veronique- Thank you for taking the time to personally call me regarding

my wine order and the substitutions to be made.

When you asked me why I chose to start drinking organic wine, it is because it suddenly hit me that if all the other food I eat is organic, why am I not drinking organic wine?

I have gone through periods of juicing vegetable and fruits and I know how important it is to use organic produce when doing this because otherwise I would be getting a concentrated dose of pesticides along with their nutrients.  I thought about it and realized wine is really a form of juice too so I should be making sure that the wine I drink is organic.

After visiting my local Whole Foods where I buy most of our produce, I was surprised to see 99% of the wine they offer is not from organic grapes!  I can understand why they may not offer only organic wine, but you would think they would offer considerably more organic choices than they do.

Anyway, as I researched organic wine on the internet, your website came up and I found it to be the easiest to navigate, a great selection of wines to pick from at a reasonable price, and enough background information that I felt good about buying from you.

Although this was my first order…I hope this is the first of many.  Thank you!

-Gabrielle CressmanDSC_0247

Thank you Gabrielle!

To be included on our site, please send  your organic wine revelations to


One comment on “It Just Hit Me

  1. Gede Prama
    March 22, 2014

    Well written. May peace be with you 🙂

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