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Wine Review by Doug Richardson of Awake Coaching


Recently, my wife and I were given a bottle of 2010 Saint Chinian Prestige Chateau Bousquette by a friend. I had never tasted wines from this winery previously, and when I sipped that first initial taste, I put my glass down on the counter and said, “Lovely, absolutely lovely!” After which, my wife having heard my exclamation shouted from the upstairs, “I want some!”

This lovely wine represented all things beautiful to me about French red wine including the lovely fruit, the delicate blend of varietals and it’s enchanting taste. Loved it! Needless to say, that bottle didn’t last long in our house. Cheers to you and the vision and artistry it takes to produce such joy from the vine.

Doug Richardson
Awake Coaching

Thank you Doug and Valerie for taking time to review our wine! Thank you for helping others live more consciously.

To find out more about Awake Coaching go to or visit them on facebook at

Read More About St. Chinian Prestige



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