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Hi, I'm Veronique Raskin and I am the founder & CEO of The Organic Wine Company. My blog is mostly about organic wine & self-development, as well as anything else that interests and inspires me!

Veronique’s Newsletter: For all of us to keep in mind…

It’s more important than you think! If you eat & drink organic make sure your loved ones do as well.

Veronique here, right in time for your family celebrations. Recently  in preparing for a number of radio interviews,  my staff and I  decided that we owe it to you and to anyone concerned with their health , their children’s health and it is not an exaggeration to say the health & survival of most of the lifeforms on our precious planet, to have access to the critical information that we re- discovered.

Please understand that what follows are not scare tactics, I don’t care  much  for those  but I feel very strongly about people making informed decisions. Industrial agriculture is a threat pretty much to all forms of life. It even threatens those who make their living by manufacturing the deadly poisons that are sprayed on our crops each year.

We believe everyone should have the facts and the context to make informed decisions about the risks that pesticide-intensive growing practices  pose  on the air, land, water, and climate, not to mention gaining an understanding of  how pesticide resides accumulate in our bodies and the health risks associated with that. This information is for you, dear devoted subscribers to this newsletter. Use it to make wise decisions, to enrich your life and to enjoy healthy organic wines and foods.

Do you know that:

* Grapes are among the “Dirty Dozen” crops that have the highest pesticide residues?(click here for more info)

* Wine grapes receive even more pesticides than table grapes?

* 25 Million pounds of pesticides were sprayed on grapes grown in CA in 2010?

* Of that, 1 million pounds were listed by the EPA as “Bad Actors” meaning they have harmful human health effects

* There is no medical research that links sulfites in wine to headaches! That’s right, none!

I invite you to view our new expanded FAQ page. It contains links to the sources for each of the claims above as well as listing a host of other pertinent information for any wine drinker. Please send us your comments and ideas as well as your questions and we will do our best to respond.

So now what do we do?

I am on a mission and I invite you to jump on your horse and ride along with me. Drinking organic wine isn’t just about your pleasure and health. It’s much larger and more important than most of us think. There is evidence that organic farming might be in helpful in responding to our current climate crisis. For instance,organic growing produces very little green house gas compared to industrial agriculture.

I invite you to be part of the solution and to help me make  my modest contribution to our world. I ask that you forward this to your list of friendS to help educate them so they make informed choices when they buy wines.  We all need to  support a healthier way of growing grapes, while enjoying vibrant, clean organic wines.

This season,  let’s remember that our actions, small and large, make a difference. What you drink and what your friends drink is more important than you ever thought.  Call me if you would like to discuss any of this.

I wish you a joyous and bountiful Thanksgiving .We all have so much to be grateful for, let’s celebrate with wines that the greek god  Dionysus would approve of, rich wines which promote the fertility of all.

Warmly & A bientot,


Click here for our new FAQ page


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