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Hi, I'm Veronique Raskin and I am the founder & CEO of The Organic Wine Company. My blog is mostly about organic wine & self-development, as well as anything else that interests and inspires me!

And this year’s Oscars go to…

To entice you to join us, I thought I would point out three of the many seeds that the OWC team has planted over the last few months and have been carefully, patiently (?!) nurturing, on behalf of all of us.

Chronologically-and the Oscar goes to…

The Millesime Bio 2013 Project:

when I was last in Montpellier two years ago, I was awestruck by the quantity (600+ wineries) and the quality of the organic wines presented at the event. I got it in my head that a qualified group of US journalists should be sent to that fair, for them to have a first-hand experience how far this niche had gone since it started in France back in the 60’s, and report that news back to you the public. Well . . . it took us quite a few months and a lot of work but the team succeeded in that quest: this year twelve journalists from the North American continent were officially invited to attend, and more importantly to taste. Our team chose six of these journalists.

As a result of this press tour, I understand that a lot of writing is in progress. The most enthusiastic of them all so far and most prolific is Sue Straight, the Winewench® ( my inner French woman especially enjoyed a blog that she wrote titled:  “Organic wine is sexy.”

Sue Straight and myself during our first wine tasting

Sue Straight and myself during our first wine tasting

Stay tuned for more from this remarkable woman. She has been a judge for the San Francisco Chronicle Annual Wine Competition for many years so she knows a couple of things about wine. Just as important, she herself is on a mission to make sure that the truth is told about vin biologique. It’s high time someone should take that on with the kind of heart that shows in her writing. We are ever so grateful that she “appeared on our screens” and that she “gets” us, who we are, and why we do what we do.


Guillaume, the inventor of our “weekly exclusive”

The weekly exclusive: many of you know my young and enthusiastic French assistant. Guillaume came to me back in September with an interesting concept: “what would happen if we sought out some unique small quantity wines that we could present on a weekly basis, separate from our usual wine club and standard portfolio?” I thought this was worth exploring and gave him a thumbs up. Guillaume grabbed this project with both arms and has been combing the globe to bring to you high-quality, well-priced, well-presented wines; all excellent values. I am very proud of his efforts and delighted with all the gems that he has discovered through tireless effort. I encourage you to go to our wine library and read up on these wines and their makers. This program has been expanding my own world and our rooting system big time; my joy and gratitude towards these winemakers is quite boundless. We only bring to you the real McCoy.

organic wine company

Our intern Anne-Charlotte

And then there is  Sally: Back in October we welcomed to the team our new French intern. I knew that Anne Charlotte was a young woman with an exquisitely attuned eye, a gifted photographer and competent in the use of social media. You can see for yourself whether you hop on to our home page and see the header slide show, or on our Get Involved  page (social media), or check out our food pairing/vegan section. This is her unique contribution to the mission. But that is not all!

One day that I was particularly exasperated by the myths surrounding organic wines and exhausted from re-explaining the basics, seemingly in vain, till I was blue in the face, Anne-Charlotte came to me with what was to be the first of a series of drawings-totally cracked me up-we decided to create a section entitled,  Teach Through Laughter, in the hope that a touch of humor might succeed where lecturing has not. Sally had been born.

Organic wine company

Sally and French Wines, by Anne-Charlotte Hill

These are some of the things that I am most proud of. I hope you will visit our website and be inspired, or at least amused. Oh! Before I forget, Paul Chartrand our long-time partner in crime who brings the wines over, Peter Rieks our Webmaster without whom little of the above could really happen… And oops, I almost forgot to thank…my agent, and my family, and the radio show hosts who have graciously interviewed me; and of course, you our fans!

Thus mes amis, I am writing to you today to invite you hop on over to our website, right now if you wish, but we’re always open. Over the next few months, it is my intent to see it continue to develop it as a place that honors the intelligence of its visitors, both intellectually and emotionally. A place that is thought provoking, heartwarming, soul touching, and laughter triggering. We hope you will find our website a place that you are drawn back to, to see what new goodie we have for you that will inspire you, help you think outside the box, help you pick great fun wines to share with your friends to enhance your dinner gatherings.

We hope you will join us in our intention to live a life that matters- surrounded by nurturing human connection, celebrated with good wines!

So, that is part of what I have been up to and that is all for me for now . Have a creative day and get in touch with us.


Véronique Raskin, Founder & CEO


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