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The organic wine musketeers are off to The Millésime Bio

Two years ago I walked into the hall of the Millesime Bio in Montpellier and heard a voice in my head saying, “This is amazing. You must bring some top US press writers here so they can see and experience the passion, then go home and tell everyone the honest truth.  We need to dispel the myth that organic wines are bad wines.”

Millésime Bio, the largest organic wine trade show in the world

Millésime Bio, the largest organic wine trade show in the world

So I went and shared my vision with the organizers of the show. First, my old friend and partner in crime Jacques Frelin, then Thierry Julien, President of the AIVB, and then with Cendrine Vimont, the young woman in charge of PR and media.  I  told them just that: “if you want what we all want, to see the  quality & reputation of Vin bio and their sales  increase in the USA,  then we need to bring hand-picked journalists over here at this event ASAP.  The quantity, quality and diversity of these wines will blow their minds. .I am so sure of this that I’ll donate my time and will do the leg work necessary to make it happen.  The educating has got to come from the top down; it will not come from ground up.”

 So here we are two years later.  It has taken a lot of hard work from my team, the tireless support of our efforts by my dear friend Rusty Eddy, and the open-mindedness and trust of the French Press agency team.  The result is that a group of American wine journalists will be on a flight to Europe this weekend. On one hand I feel very happy, but on the other I’m frustrated because a knee injury is preventing me from traveling with them.  Sadly, I will not be there celebrating and sharing the moment.

And thus, having done my duty, I will bid them a wonderful trip full of discoveries that they will be excited to share and contribute upon their return. Let’s honor the parents of this movement and get them the credit that they deserve for their courage and foresight.

I hope that they will be the musketeers that organic wine so badly needs, and that their honest reporting will help dispel the confusion around the definitions of organic wine.


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