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Hi, I'm Veronique Raskin and I am the founder & CEO of The Organic Wine Company. My blog is mostly about organic wine & self-development, as well as anything else that interests and inspires me!

The Wine Wench is now “a believer”. She explains why.

The Wine Wench Goes Green (And Not With Envy)!

– Sue Straight, Dec. 26 2012

I’ve been doing this wine writing thing for over ten years now and have loved every minute of it (and still do). Here’s a new twist ~ in addition to my usual ramblings and rants, I will now be doing an “Organic Wine of the Week” review. Here’s why ~

Sue straight and veronique raskin

I recently met Veronique Raskin, Founder and CEO of The Organic Wine Company and she has opened my eyes to the beauty of organic wines. Like so many other wine folks out there, I was operating under the impression that organic wines are:
A), inferior to non-organic wines; and, B), that they are more expensive. Boy, was I wrong!

In 1980, Veronique  founded The Organic Wine Company ( Check out her website – it is informative, humorous and the selection of organic wines is really good!

I have met with her a couple of times and tasted some of the wonderful organic wines that she is championing – not so much for herself, but for the hard-working vintners around the world who are going against the grain to do what they think is right – crafting delicious wines from certified organic grapes.
I am now a believer.

Veronique’s mission (in her own words) is, “I want to bring delicious, affordable, health-friendly and planet-friendly wines to your family’s table – wines that celebrate and honor life – and thus promote the adoption of organic viticulture principles worldwide.”

This week’s organic wine pick is 2011 Domaine des Cedres. It is a lovely red Côtes Du Rhône (a sassy, juicy blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignane and Cinsault), priced at only $15 per bottle – an extraordinary bargain, in my humble opinion.

This wine is what we would call “a total fruit bomb” here on Planet Wine Wench. It is loaded with aromas and flavors of ripe raspberry, red cherry, violets, wildflowers and peppery spice, all wrapped up in a silky, medium-bodied mouthfeel. Buy some. Buy some now!

Contact for more details and availability.


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